Facts about the Mexican game development industry

Hello, I’m Fáyer and I’m the Cofounder and Director of HyperBeard, a mobile game developer and publisher from Mexico City.

DISCLAIMER: I wrote all of this because of a silly memetweet and I based everything on my own observation and experience, obviously they are not universal facts so feel free to disagree if you’ve seen something different. I tried to structure the original tweet ideas into something more cohesive by putting them into some categories and posting them here.

Origins of the games and game dev in the country

Our neighbors from the north


Mexico is big, diverse, creative and really cheap

The local game dev industry, the press and our heroes!

Related cool stuff


Video games are big in Mexico and we are a huge market for AAA games and in general we are huge consumers of mainstream stuff but, as a country, we don’t pay too much attention to making things or the people that do. We, as actual game developers, have to struggle a lot be able to make something. I realize that being able to work on games and developing what I want is a huge privilege that’s why one of my goals as an industry leader is to help as much as I can to demystify the process of making games and to make it easier for all the future creators. I invest my time going to events and giving talks, I also research local things and I try signaling them as much as I can. I hope that this will help at least a little making things easier for everyone.

As an industry, we are young and we are learning, we only want to be acknowledged and to eventually have the ability to be as good as our best movie directors. We just need time and patience. If you want to help our industry, go follow our awesome game developers, share our work and if you can, buy our games.

Thanks for reading this long and nonsensical thing. When I do analysis or exercises like this I tend to be kinda dark and rant-y, I don’t know, that’s probably my way of expressing things but I can assure you that I’m super proud to be a part of this industry in this country and I’m really excited about the future of it.



Game Dev | Creative Director | Public Speaker| Mentor | Consultant | Podcaster | ✨interested in everything creative✨

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Game Dev | Creative Director | Public Speaker| Mentor | Consultant | Podcaster | ✨interested in everything creative✨