All Mexican Games Released in 2022

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NOTE: If you only care about the list of games, jump to the end of the post.

Hello there!

Updating my personal site, as one does at the end or beginning of every year, or at least one should. I noticed that it’s been some time since I last wrote in here and I got the urge to DO SOMETHING. I started by doing the exercise of thinking back on my 2022 to see if there was something notable or worthy of mention, maybe an idea that I wanted to express in more than a couple tweets… but sadly, nothing came to mind.

I did work and release a new game in partnership with a pretty cool company. And also helped in a couple other, one about decorating your farm and the other about merging and discovering galaxies. But I didn’t fell like those were my stories to tell.

Most of my year was chaotic due to the fact that I became a father. That is notable and worthy of mentioning but it’s not why people reach out to me. Also, I don’t feel like I have much to say about it, besides complaining of the lack of sleep, expressing how beautiful it is, how it changes your life and all the clichés.

Anyway, while I was thinking about this, everybody was talking about their favorite media of the past year (games, movies, podcasts, shows and all that). I even did it myself on my podcast (in spanish). Then I realized that it was difficult to know which games have been released from the country and that sparked the idea of this post.

I went to the communities I frequent (the Indi-Es Discord and the DevsVJ MX Whatsapp Group) and asked “what mexican games released last year (2022)?” and many helped fill a document with the info. That document feeds the list I’m going to have at the end of this post. If you know a game that fits the criteria and isn’t on the list, please reach out.

What is a Mexican game? (the criteria)
This question got asked a lot. I didn’t care too much about being too specific, because the idea is to share things so the criteria of the list was:

  • The game was released in 2022 (no early access, no demos, no prototypes)
  • I needed a link to a playable game from any platform (, steam, Switch, PS, etc)
  • The devs or the studio are from Mexico and/or they consider themselves mexican.

Are these really all?
Definitely no, but these are all we found in the days we looked for them. I hope many more come to light after I publish this post. Again, if you know a game that fits the criteria and isn’t on the list, please reach out.

Without further ado, here’s the list.

Mexican Games released in 2022

Cat Tower: Adopt & Play By Patoli Studio on iOS, Android

PopSlinger by Funky Can Creative on Switch, Steam

Art Studio VR by Daniel Santalla on Oculus Store

Aztech Forgotten Gods by Lienzo on Most Platforms

Flat Kingdom Paper’s Cut Edition by Games Starter published by Ratalaika on Most Platforms

Astrodogs by Dynamic Media Triad published by Digital Tribe on Switch, Steam

NetSpace Saga Ep.1 by Hollow Games on Steam

Legend of Arcadieu Bundle by Kavorka Play published by Gamuzumi on Switch, PS4 and PS5

Super Crane Bug by CalixJumio on

Oli Pop: Bubbles vs Bricks by Patoli Studio on iOS and Android

I deserve a happy ending by Man-Eater GamesMan-Eater Games on Steam

Out of Boombox by Matrixcore Studio on Android

My Dear Farm by Cometa Games published by HyperBeard on iOS and Android

Witch College Bundle by Kavorka Play published by Gamuzumi on Switch, PS4 and PS5

Dilemo by Pictoline Games (in partnership with Mum Not Proud and Fáyer) on iOS and Android

Chibininja by WingedSwordStudios on Steam

HELP! NO BRAKE by Edgar Mendoza on

Dark Tales from México By BitAll Force on Steam

Lonesome Village by Ogre Pixel on Switch, Xbox, Steam

Running Fable by Seashell Studio on Steam

Idle Pocket Planet by Mum Not Proud and Little Sasquatch published by HyperBeard on iOS and Android

Oh man, what a list. Many PC and console games, some that almost look like AAA. Lone gone are the days of mexican devs making the news because it was almost a miracle that someone from here made a game. Now, we can find dozens of them released in a year and of different levels of scope, made in different engines and for all the different platforms there are. As a dev myself, I’m excited of what else is coming from my country!

If you find yourself with some extra money today, click on any and buy, some are free so you can go ahead and play right now! They might not be GOTYs, but they sure were made with love. If you don’t have money, you can always share, either this post, the list or any in particular that caught your eye. Remember: Sharing is caring!

If you want, bellow you can find the raw data of the info pictured above.

Thanks to all who helped fill this list.



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